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Care and Protection of New Vehicle Paint Finishes

The paint finish on a new vehicle provides beauty, depth of color, gloss retention and durability. The best protection against environmental influences that can harm the finish of a new vehicle is frequent washing and waxing as required. How often washing and waxing is required depends upon how much the vehicle is used, where it is parked, environmental and weather [...]

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18-Month Corrosion Study Performed by Mack Truck and McNeilus Corporations

The test was performed with a 1998 Mack DM Model with a McNeilus 10-yard rear discharge mixer. Parts prices reflect value at the time of the study and do not include down time and labor. The test showed that EMS products had no negative effect on painted surfaces earning us the approval of DuPontâ„¢ and Akzo Nobel paints and coatings [...]

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