Concrete Truck Wash


Greenway Concrete Truck Wash safely removes concrete, grease, road grime, bugs, hard water stains, rust and other soils from the truck without acids, caustics and solvents commonly used in the concrete industry. This all-in-one wash removes concrete with the speed and potency of hydrochloric acid without endangering the user and the vehicle like hydrochloric, phosphoric, gylcolic and buffered acids.

Concrete Truck Wash can be applied using any method. Bucket and brush is the most common but the product will work with any spray applicator system. CTW is a concentrated formula which can be diluted as needed or delivered ready to use by your drivers. Also, because of its synthetic nature, no neutralizing step is required. What’s more, the rinsing process disperses a natural wax, rubber conditioners, UV deterrents and anti-stick coating making the truck easier to clean with every washing.


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Greenway Concrete Truck Wash is a non-regulated, all-in-one truck wash and wax. Greenway Concrete Truck Wash contains advanced technologies approved by dozens of OEMs and paint manufacturers that safely remove concrete, grease, road grime, bugs, hard water stains, rust and other soils from the truck while remaining safe on equipment, the environment and personnel.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Thoroughly rinse down the entire truck. Apply Greenway Concrete Truck Wash to the surface. Some brushing may be required. Rinse well with water to disperse wax and anti-stick ingredients in the product. Heavy buildup may require additional applications. The product may be left on overnight.

DILUTION RATIO: New or Reconditioned Trucks 6:1 Moderate Buildup 4:1 Heavy Buildup 2:1 Severe Buildup 1:1


HAZARD STATEMENTS: May be harmful if swallowed. Causes mild skin irrtation. Causes eye irritation.

PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: Keep container tightly closed. Do not eat or drink while using this product. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid strong oxidizers. Dispose of in accordance with local, regional, federal or international regulations as specified.

OTHER INFORMATION: May cause mild skin irritation if not rinsed off with soap and water. May cause eye irritation if not rinsed out with copious amounts of water.

FIRST AID: Refer to SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and/or call Chemtrec at 800-424-9300
For Commercial and Industrial Use Only • For information or to re-order call 1-844-674-6473 or visit


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